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Best Online Tafseer Course With 3 Free Trial Classes

Many Muslims who don’t know Arabic want to learn the Quran Tafseer online. They struggle to understand the Quran’s verses because of this language barrier. Each verse in the Quran holds a different meaning, and without knowing the background, it’s tough to understand what they really mean.

For some, finding a tutor to understand the Quran is hard, especially in non-Muslim places. Idara Al Furqan offers a course for people facing this challenge.

Our teachers help simplify tricky words, making it easier to understand the Quran’s teachings. They use authentic books to explain interpretations in a way that students can understand. Plus, we show you how these teachings apply to daily life.

But before we state our online Quran Tafseer course in detail, let’s know the meaning of Tafseer and its definition first:

What Does Tafseer Mean?

Tafseer means to explain or interpret. It’s derived from the Arabic word ‘Fassara,’ which signifies clarification or making something clear. In the context of the Quran, Tafseer involves the detailed explanation, interpretation, and understanding of the meanings of its verses, exploring their context, history, and deeper significance.

Why is Learning Tafseer Essential?

Illuminating Quranic Verses
Learning Tafseer sheds light on the meanings and significance of Quranic verses, clarifying their context and intended message.

Understanding Divine Guidance
It provides a deeper understanding of Allah’s guidance, elucidating the wisdom, morals, and ethical principles embedded in the Quran.

Contextualizing Historical Revelation
Tafseer helps understand the historical context and circumstances surrounding the revelation of Quranic verses, enriching the interpretation.

Strengthening Spiritual Connection
By comprehending Tafseer, individuals establish a stronger spiritual connection with the Quran, nurturing a more meaningful relationship with Allah.

Practical Application in Life
It facilitates the application of Quranic teachings in daily life, guiding individuals in their moral conduct, decisions, and interactions.

Benefits of Learning Quran Tafseer Online

Accessibility and Convenience
Online platforms make Tafseer accessible to anyone, anywhere, breaking geographical barriers and enabling learning at a convenient pace and time.

Qualified and Diverse Instructors
Access to skilled teachers and scholars from diverse backgrounds ensures a comprehensive understanding of Tafseer, offering varied perspectives.

Interactive Learning Environment
Online classes often provide interactive sessions, discussions, and forums, fostering a dynamic learning environment and encouraging engagement.

Flexibility and Personalized Learning
Students can learn at their own pace, with customizable schedules that accommodate other commitments, making it flexible for learners.

Resources and Materials
Online Tafseer courses often come with a range of supplementary materials, including authentic books, videos, and multimedia resources for comprehensive learning.

Continual Access and Review
Recorded sessions and materials allow for continual access and review, aiding in revisiting complex topics and reinforcing understanding.

Global Learning Community
Online platforms facilitate connections with a diverse global community of learners, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Integration into Daily Life
The practicality of online learning ensures easy integration of Tafseer teachings into daily practices, fostering a deeper connection with the Quran’s guidance.

Why Choose Our Online Quran Tafseer Course?

Choosing the right online Quran Tafseer course and teacher for yourself or your children is a big decision as there might be several questions passing through your mind, and we understand that.

To help you make a better and more informed decision, we have compiled a list of all the reasons why this course by Idara Al Furan is an ideal choice for people of all ages who want to enroll in a special online Quran Tafseer course.

Engaging Classes

At Idara Al Furqan, we believe in lively, interactive teaching sessions. We set up engaging online classes using tools like Zoom, offering video streaming and whiteboards. These classes encourage students to participate actively, making learning Quran Tafseer a thought-provoking experience.

Expert Tutors

Our tutors are carefully chosen for their expertise and qualifications. Every subject, including our online Quran Tafseer course, is taught by dedicated specialists. We value student feedback to continuously enhance our teaching standards.

Weekly Progress Report and Feedback Form

Our teachers of online Tafseer classes keep a track record of each student. They fill in the progress report daily and generate a report sheet every week.

Rewards and Certification

The students who gave their best and put in tireless efforts will be rewarded with financial gifts whereas all the regular students will be given a certificate for attending the course.

Flexible Schedule

We understand the importance of convenience. You can learn at your own pace and choose the timings that suit you best. Did you miss a class? No worries! With prior notice, we arrange make-up sessions to accommodate your schedule.

Have 24/7 Support

Our customer service is available 24/7, ensuring you receive prompt assistance. Any questions or concerns you have will be addressed swiftly and efficiently.

Structured Learning

Our courses, including the online Quran Tafseer program, follow a well-organized curriculum tailored to students’ needs. Each week, we have scheduled lectures, and students can easily track their progress through weekly and monthly reports.

About Our Online Tafseer Classes

Our online Tafseer classes are open for kids above age 10 and adult males and females. For kids, we’ve created special schedules and engaging activities focused on the tafseer of small and simple Surahs. Adults can choose any Surah they wish to explore, and we provide personalized plans accordingly. Progress is closely monitored, and weekly reports are provided.

The curriculum is structured with milestones to ensure easy learning and retention. Tafseer is approached from various perspectives, including history, culture, politics, and sociology. You’ll delve into the reasons, context, time, and background of each Surah’s revelation. Students will participate in both oral and written tests for each chapter they study.

Upon completing the tailored syllabus, students will present online short sessions on assigned Surahs. This practice aids in effective revision and enhances the retention of details.

What Will You Learn in Tafseer Lessons?

As Idara Al Furqan approaches tafseer differently, we make sure the students know:

  • The translation of verses through basic root letters
  • The main themes of each Surah.
  • Importance of Tafseer and Surahs.
  • The time and place of revelation.
  • The various causes of revelation.
  • Lessons derived from each Surah.
  • How to implement the lessons for character building.

A Structured Curriculum for the Tafseer Program

Whatever schedule you choose, the syllabus for that schedule is very well-structured with various details like:

  • Daily work planner
  • Test dates
  • Meeting agendas
  • Arrangements of supported educational resources

We will give you a proper layout of your Tafseer program to keep it undereye all the time and progress accordingly.

Qualified Tafseer-al-Quran Tutors

We have selected one of the best teachers to teach Quran Tafseer online.

  • They have years of experience in teaching a variety of Islamic courses online.
  • Our teachers have been through many rounds of interviews to get selected for this Course. This makes them competent enough to teach Tafseer the Quran.
  • Our talented teachers have done courses on Tafseer from different scholars and have a strong grip on their subject.


Choosing the best online Tafseer course is a significant decision in one’s Quranic journey. Idara Al Furqan, with its esteemed instructors, comprehensive curriculum, interactive learning approach, and stellar reputation, emerges as the optimal choice. By enrolling in this course, learners unlock the doors to a profound understanding of the Quran and a transformative spiritual journey.


Q: Is the Tafseer course suitable for beginners?

  • A: Absolutely! Whether you are a beginner or have some background in Quranic studies, our course is designed to cater to learners at all levels.

Q: How is the curriculum structured?

  • A: The curriculum is meticulously organized into milestones, making it easy to grasp and retain lessons. It covers various aspects, including history, culture, politics, and sociology.

Q: What interactive elements are incorporated into the course?

  • A: Our Tafseer classes include live discussions, forums, and other participatory methods, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Q: How flexible is the course schedule?

  • A: Idara Al Furqan values convenience. You have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and choose times that suit you. Make-up classes can also be arranged with prior notice.

Q: Are there any additional resources provided for further enrichment?

  • A: Yes, we offer supplementary materials such as readings, podcasts, and quizzes to enhance the learning experience and provide a holistic understanding of Tafseer.

Q: How can I reach out for support if needed?

  • A: Our customer service is available 24/7 to address any queries or concerns. Feel free to contact us at any time for prompt assistance.

Q: What is the duration of the course, and how are students assessed?

  • A: The course duration varies, and students are assessed through oral and written tests for each chapter. Upon completion, students present short online presentations on assigned Surahs.

Q: Can children enroll in the Tafseer course, and how is it tailored for them?

  • A: Yes, our online Tafseer classes are open for kids above the age of 10. We have designed specific schedules and activities, focusing on the Tafseer of small and easy Surahs for children.

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