Women have the opportunity to learn the Holy Quran online with the best female Quran teachers. Our teachers are experts in Tajweed and Tarteel rules. Sisters and daughters can have classes with teachers who speak English, Urdu, and Arabic. Our female teachers are committed, on time, and skilled at making classes interesting, especially for kids. Any sister who wants a female tutor can try free classes with female teachers and then sign up for regular classes at a convenient time.

The female Quran teacher can speak Arabic, English, and Urdu. You can choose the language you want to learn in, depending on the teacher’s availability. Many women prefer to learn the Quran with Tajweed in Urdu from a female tutor. We have a highly qualified team for teaching the Quran. If you’re looking for Quran classes near you or online, just let us know. We can also arrange classes to help improve your Quran reading with Tajweed if you need it.

  1. Quran memorization certification or Tajweed certification.
  2. Very good English communication and language skills.
  3. Teaching methods and skills for necessary correction in recitation.
  4. Arabic communication and spoken English language.

We do our best to find skilled and knowledgeable teachers for our students and sisters. We aim to provide quality teaching by female teachers. It can be a bit challenging to find female Quran teachers with excellent recitation and communication skills. Sometimes, you might have to wait because we don't hire unqualified teachers. At Idara Al Furqan, we always prioritize providing quality education for learning the Holy Quran online with Tajweed. Alhamdulillah!